Patients heal themselves – herbs are facilitators

Achillea millefolium - Elliotson Herb Garden
Achillea millefolium

What is a Medical Herbalist?

Medical herbalists are highly-trained practitioners who combine the use of botanical medicine, science, nutrition, life style and supplements to restore health.  Medical herbalists are not doctors, nor do they diagnose.  They are, however, trained in the same diagnostic skills as medical doctors and take a more holistic approach to illness.  Medical herbalists have completed at least four years of study in herbal medicine and have extensive training in anatomy, physiology, pathology, clinical assessment, pharmacology, biochemistry, botany, materia medica, herbal therapeutics and nutrition along with supervised training with patients in a herbal clinic.

After assessing a patient’s health by taking a thorough medical history, reviewing any laboratory tests available and performing appropriate physical examinations and in-office tests, a medical herbalist will recommend an individualized treatment program of herbs.  Nutritional supplements and life style changes may be recommended if appropriate..