Herbal Pharmacy

Herbal Pharmacy is no longer offered in the former format.

Alternatively, students and others interested are welcome to participate in co-op days (Wednesdays and Fridays all year).

Current participants are an eclectic mix of students, graduates and herbal enthusiasts which results in much networking. The content is not structured as in the Herbal Pharmacy course, i.e. over 3 days with written notes, but similar tasks are performed as needed in my practice and my goal is to give every participant the opportunity to learn all areas. Participants make notes/records as they wish… or not.

There is also much discussion of specific health conditions and which herbs are appropriate to treat them, topics often introduced by the students themselves.

Susan Elliotson's Herbal Dispensary and equipment
Dispensary and some equipment

The experience will give the student a practical understanding of the processes and methods involved in the preparation and dispensing of medicinal plants and familiarize the student with the different methods of preparing medicines from crude plant material by means of practical lessons in the kitchen and herb garden.

The student will assist in making various herbal treatments.

Calendula officinalis
Calendula officinalis flowers

The student will:

  • learn the correct processes involved in producing the basic material (crude drug) from harvesting through drying to storage.
  • understand the various methods of extraction of the basic material and the rationale behind each method
  • understand the use of the various pharmacopoeial preparations and the process leading to their production
  • have adequate practical skills to enable the student to produce various pharmacopoeial preparations of acceptable quality

While there will be discussion of Materia Medica,  students are advised to have or gain  basic knowledge of medicinal herbs and their actions on their own.  Guidance will be offered.

Herbal teas are provided but students are responsible for their own lunch and snacks.

This opportunity is an exchange of work (yours) for knowledge (mine) with no payment required.  A minimum commitment of 50 hours is necessary.

Preregistration required.

For more information or to register, contact Susan at: elliotsone@sympatico.ca