First Visit

What to Expect During your first visit to a Medical Herbalist

Herbal Consultation Room
Consulting Room

Your first visit will take approximately 1½ hours.  Current concerns, medications, supplements, past medical history, family history and general health will be discussed in order to establish a holistic picture.

You may be requested to keep a diet diary before the first visit or as part of on-going treatment.

Blood pressure, pulse, urinalysis and other applicable non-invasive examinations may be performed.

Together we will determine a unique treatment plan suited to your goals and needs.  The plan is likely to include dietary, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations in addition to herbal treatment.

Herbal treatment involves a custom-made blend of herbs dispensed on site in the form of a tincture, tea, cream and/or salve.

At all times, the patient is free to choose whether or not to follow any or all of the recommendations.  Any concerns should be discussed with the medical herbalist.

Examination Table