Herbal Tinctures

Initial consultation  $120. – 1½ to 2 hours, including physical examination as indicated.

Discount for OHA members:  10%

Sliding scale available upon request.


Follow up consultation   $75. – ½ to 1 hr.


Herbal Tinctures

Tinctures: $30.00  to $40.00 per 100 ml, depending on herbal content
Teas: $25. per 100 gm depending on herbal content
Salves, ointments and other herbal recommendations are individually priced, from $20.
In-office tests: . urine (blood glucose, infection, pH etc.. adrenals (indication of effects of stress)
. zinc sufficiency
. calcium levels
no charge$12.00
$ 5.00
$ 5.00
Restocking Charge for formulae requested but not picked-up        $ 25.Shipping & Handling:  Canada Post Express based on weight           $15 minimum

All in-office tests, tinctures, teas and other recommendations are optional at the discretion of the patient. Some health insurance plans cover payment for a medical herbalist under payment of alternative therapies. As a Registered Herbalist, Susan Elliotson qualifies for this reimbursement to patients for fees paid.