Maureen’s Meander

Maureen’s Meander – a strathspey for 3 couples in a 4 C set

1 – 8             1C, 2C, 3C dance 3 C rondel, ending 1, 2, 3

1 – 2   Figure starts with 1C moving from 1Ct place into centre of dance, RH in RH & facing 2C in 2nd place, facing up & holding nearer hands in an arch;

1C dance under arch made by 2C, cross to opposite side & dance down while 2C dance up and cross to opposite sides

3 – 4   1C on opposite sides, dance down, looping around 3C & into to 3rd place

2C dance up around 1st   position on opposite sides (2L passing in front of 2M) casting to face down to 2nd position, ready to pass under arch formed by 3C;

3C dance in & up centre, nearer hands joined, to 2nd position to make an arch and crossing to opposite sides after 2C have danced under it

5 – 6   1C dance in and up to 2nd place, forming an arch

2C dance down looping out around 3rd position & coming back in, facing up

3C loop around 1st place to face down, ready to dance under arch

7 – 8 1C, after 2C dance under arch, cross to own sides, loop around 1st place, back to starting position;

2C dance up on own sides back to starting position.

3C dance under arch formed by 1C, crossing back to own sides in 3rd place

9 – 16   3 C knot,

9-10     1C, 2C, 3C turn partners RH ½ way to end in the centre facing down in Allemande hold, the Lady having turned clockwise under her partners arm

11-12     3C followed by 2C and 1C dance up on Ladies side

13-16     All 3 couples turn partners (slowly) by LH to own sides ending 3, 2, 1

17 – 22 Capstan variation:    1M & 3M change places by dancing LSh 1½ times round the standing 2M while 1L & 3L dance RSh 1½ times round the standing 2L,1C & 3C taking hands when they are able, ending 1, 2, 3

24 – 25 1M & 2M change place LH while 1L & 2L change places RH

25 – 32   6 hands round and back.

Rondel for 3 Couples   This is basically a reel of 3 with double cross overs and arches.

REMEMBER;   – when you dance down the dance, you go UNDER the arch passing the lady to cross in front

– when you dance up the dance, you make an ARCH and cross the lady in front AFTER the other couple has passed under your arch

Devised by Susan Elliotson 17 Feb 2010 and first danced for Maureen Richardson at South Simcoe SCD 26 Feb 10 to Hamilton Welcome recorded by the Colin Dewar Scottish Dance Band on Special Requests, Vol.5

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