The Valentine Knot

The Valentine Knot           Strathspey for 3 couples in a 4 C set

1-8     1C set & turn two handed, cast behind 2C into 2nd place; turn two handed 1 1/ 2 times, to opposite sides, facing down; 2C step up on 3-4,

9-16    The Valentine Knot

9-10    1st L on M’s side, turns 3M left hand ½ way to end on sideline facing L’s side in Allemande position, WHILE 3L and 1M turn right hand ½ way to end on sideline facing M’s side in Allemande position

11-12  3L&1M, followed by 1L&3M dance counterclockwise (to their R) one place to face each other up & down the dance, 3L&1M facing down, 1L &3M facing up

13-16  Couples turn partners (slowly) by LH to finish, 3C in 2nd place opposite sides, 1L in 3M place, 3M in 2M place, 1M in 3L place, 3L in 2L place

17-24  1C & 3C dance Ladies’ chain

25-28  1L, followed by 1M, casts up behind 3M & crosses to 2L place, 3C step down on bar 26

29-32  2C, 1C and 3C turn two hands.

More inspiration from Gord McGregor’s comment about The Lover’s Knot.


Neil Copelands SCD music Book 17, track 14 The Valentine (first tune is Fiona’s Valentine) played by Muriel Johnston


Eight Bars of Magic, Laird Brown with The Scottish Accent, Tract 4, Selection of Strathspeys

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