Lady with the Dancing Feet

Lady with the Dancing Feet                  Jig for 3 couples in 3 couple set

1- 8   1C lead down for 3, cross below 3C and dance up on opposite sides behind the lines, around the 2C and end facing 1st corners.   2C step straight up on bars 7 & 8.

9 – 16 1C set to and turn 1st corners with 2 hands, set to and turn 2nd corners with 2 hands, end facing 1st corner;

17 – 24 1C, 2C and 3C dance L SH reel of three on the side, crossing R hand to own side on side

25 – 32 ESPAGNOLE:

25 – 28        1C+3C cross (Ladies pass between Men) with 1st L passing 2nd L in front R hand); all cross back to own side (Men between Ladies, 1st M passing 2nd M in front RH, to order 2 1

29 – 32 2C turn RH as 1C turn LH


Devised for Elizabeth McDonald Ghent, teacher at South Simcoe SCD, Alliston, whose enjoyment of winter in Cuba inspired other dancers to join her and husband Alan, and dance in Cuba! First danced in Alliston 25 November 2011.

Elizabeth’s music choice: Jennifer’s Jig

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