Miff Campbell

Miff Campbell         8 X 32 bars Jig (2 Couples)

1- 2   1st couple set and finish facing down.

3- 8   1st couple dance the Capstan variation:

1st man dances behind standing 2nd man, and around him, 1½ times, and crosses (passing 1st woman, left shoulder) to second place on his opposite side; while, 1st woman dances behind standing 2nd woman and around her, 1½ times, and crosses (passing 1st man left shoulder) to second place on her opposite side,

2nd couple steps up on bars 7-8.

Finish: 2nd couple in top place, on their own side, and 1st couple in second place, on their opposite side.

9-16   2nd and 1st couples dance a ladies’ chain.

Finish: 2nd couple facing down, ready for:

17-22  2nd couple dance bars 3-8.

1st couple step on bars 21-22.

23-24  2nd couple set.

25-28  1st and 2nd couples set and dance right hands across, halfway.

29-32  2nd and 1st couples turn partner with the right hand, once round.

Recommended music:

Colin Dewar and his Band, A’ The Best Fae Banffshire, “The Tripitup Troupe” (Track 12)

Devised 30 Nov 2011 by Susan Elliotson because two of Ann Campbell’s new dances were danced in her absence on Association business), there was speculation that she might be miffed at having missed the experience. In that case was she to be called “Miffed Campbell”, or “Miff Campbell”?

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