The Fiddling Preacher

The Fiddling Preacher     A 32 bar Reel for three couples

1-4:   First couple set and cast off one place. Second couple move up on bars 3-4.

5-8:   First couple dance half figures of eight, man round third couple and woman round second couple.

9-12:   First couple dance right hand wheels, man with second couple and woman with third couple.

13-16:   First couple turn by the left hand one and a half times to finish facing first corner.

17-24:   First couple dance hello-goodbye setting and finish man facing up and woman facing down.

25-30: First couple dance reels of three on the sides with their corners, passing second corner by the right shoulder to enter the reel.

31-32:   First couple cross giving right hand to finish in second place on their own side.

Repeat with a new top couple.

Devised by Ann Campbell on October 13 2007 for Ed Elliotson, who, as well as playing the fiddle, was training and is now a qualified lay preacher.

Music chosen by Paul Maloney:

“The Snibbet Bibliotheck” from David Cunningham Junior & Senior & Ron Gonellla, Platinum – 70 Years St. Andrew’s Branch (SBJ0701).

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